25 Things About Me

  1. My name is Griselda.
  2. I am the oldest of 3 sisters.
  3. I have a degree in Psychology.
  4. My favorite color is yellow.
  5. I’m a sucker for cheese danishes.
  6. I don’t know how to ride a bicycle.
  7. I never finish any drink I’m served.
  8. I speak English and Spanish fluently and have a bit of a grasp on French (I have a terrible accent though).
  9. My favorite subject in school was History.
  10. I would love to visit Turkey someday.
  11. At just a little over 5′ tall, I’m pretty short.
  12. My favorite class in college was an Art Exploration class taught by Becky Hendrick.
  13. The most difficult class I took in college was a French Civilization course taught completely in French. I was straight out of French IV when I took it and struggled so much to keep up that I nearly gave up on it. However, I didn’t, and still have my very first “A” on an exam for that course hanging up on the fridge in my parents’ house as my greatest accomplishment.
  14. My favorite animal is the quail.
  15. I love the look of fresh black ink on thick, white paper.
  16. I hate the “tell me something interesting about yourself” ice-breaker. Like, no.
  17. I hate ice breakers in general. Let there be ice, please.
  18. Whataburger is what I miss the most about living in Texas.
  19. I hate cole slaw.
  20. I cannot parallel park.
  21. I have no tattoos but would like at least one someday.
  22. I love Vietnamese food.
  23. I would love to learn to speak Russian.
  24. My favorite place to be is in my car.
  25. One of my favorite fictional characters is Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls.