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Like an Apparition, the blog (or whatever you’d like to call it), has been around for about two years or so. Throughout the course of those two years, it has shifted and evolved to fit whatever need I have had for it during certain points in my life during those two years. It began as somewhat of an online journal during the summer immediately following my college graduation, when I found myself feeling adrift in a sea of aimlessness and confusion. It was a place for me to chronicle all the extra time I suddenly found myself having. Once I gained some sort of structure and stability in my life, Like an Apparition became a place for me to store my thoughts and a few of the details that made up who I was and who I wasn’t at the time.

Over time, as my post-college life gained more structure, Like an Apparition took the form of a hobby. It became an escape for me when I wasn’t happy with the direction that my life was going in or whenever I ┬áneeded a distraction or outlet. Throughout these changes, however, Like an Apparition never stopped feeling like home to me, which is why I decided to keep the name for this new site. I would like for this new Like an Apparition to encompass everything that the old site was for me the past two years, but I also want for it to grow and become a place where I can grow along with it. This is only the beginning.


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